224 pump mechanical seals manufacturer in China

Specification 35-85mm
Pressure ≤0.8Mpa
Temperature 0℃~150℃
Speed ≤3000r/min


When it comes to transporting goods each domestically and internationally, it is important to shield the cargo. 224 mechanical shaft seals has a wide variety of robust seals and trustworthy accessories for cooling and supplying the seal with seal medium. This makes it possible to flexibly carry out sealing tasks and find the ideal resolution for all sealing challenges. Our seals and their supply are as a result often adapted to the certain application as nicely as the specifications of the buyer. The kind of seal on the Cable Gland is also evaluated when deciding on the right gland. There are 5 different types of sealing strategy used that directly influence the cable inner bedding seal. These are: Compression Seal, Displacement Seal, Diaphragm Seal, Compensating Displacement Seal (CDS) Technique and Compound Barrier Seal. The difference between these is the application of the seal ring on the cable.

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