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Metal bellow mechanical seals have a wide range of applications, from low temperature to high temperature, from neutral media to corrosive media, from low speed to high speed, and from ordinary to harsh working conditions. 

Bellows include rubber bellows and serpentine sleeves, plastic bellows and metal bellows. Rubber bellows and serpentine sleeves are used for low-load mechanical seals as auxiliary seals; plastic bellows are used for mechanical seals of strong corrosive media as auxiliary seals; metal bellows are used for mechanical seals of high temperature, high pressure and low temperature media, which can be used as auxiliary seals, and Can be used as an elastic element. The welded metal bellow mechanical seal has good floating and random compensation, which can compensate the leakage of the seal ring due to wear, axial movement and vibration. The welded metal bellows itself serves as both an elastic element and a seal. There is no auxiliary sealing ring in the metal bellow mechanical seal, which reduces a leakage point; at the same time, it reduces the friction resistance of the compensation mechanism; in the petrochemical industry, welded bellows The sealing temperature is not limited by the auxiliary sealing ring; for the PTFE bellows seal, it can be used in corrosive media. The disadvantage is that some bellows have low elasticity and need to add auxiliary springs. 

The welded metal bellows is formed by interlacing the inner and outer diameters of each wave plate, so there is no need to consider the direction of rotation whether it is used as a stationary or rotating type. Welded metal bellows can be made of precipitation hardening stainless steel, high-temperature nickel-based materials and chromium-nickel corrosion-resistant materials. Therefore, welded metal bellows can be used in a wide range of temperature (-11°C-426°C) and various In acid, alkali, and salt media. Choose different wave plate thickness and number of layers to withstand pressure up to about 7MPa in the pump. The design of welded metal bellow mechanical seal is generally balanced, so its bearing pressure has little effect on the specific pressure of the end face. The welded metal bellow mechanical seal is not only suitable for non-hydrocarbon media, but also for flashing hydrocarbon media. Compared with ordinary mechanical seals, its service life has also been greatly improved, so it has a higher cost-performance ratio.