Burgmann rubber bellow mechanical seal for swage pumps

Temperature -20℃ to +100℃
Speed ≤15m/s
Pressure ≤1.0Mpa
Material V,Q1,Q2,U2,U1,B,A,P,E,V,F,G

Type:Elastomeric bellow mechanical seal

Replacement:Burgmann EA560  CRANE 21

Temperature:-20℃ to +100℃





• Single seal

• Loosely inserted seal face provides self-adjusting capability

• In-house manufactured sliding parts 


The EA560 is self-adjusting to shaft misalignments and 

deflections because of the loosely inserted seal face 

as well as the ability of the bellows to stretch and tighten. 

The length of the contact area of the bellows with 

the shaft is an optimum compromise between ease of 

assembly (less friction) and sufficient adhesive force 

for torque transmission. Additionally the seal fulfills very 

specific leakage requirements. Because the sliding parts 

are made in-house, a wide variety of special needs can 

be accommodated.

Operating range

Shaft diameter: d1 = 8 … 50 mm (0.375" … 2")

Pressure: p1 = 7 bar (102 PSI), 

vacuum … 0.1 bar (1.45 PSI)

Temperature: t = –20 °C … +100 °C (–4 °F … +212 °F)

Sliding velocity: vg = 5 m/s (16 ft/s)

Axial movement: ±1.0 mm


Seal face: Carbon graphite resin impregnated (B),

Silicon carbide (Q1, Q2) 

Seat: Aluminium oxide (V), Silicon carbide (Q1, Q2)

Elastomer: NBR (P), FKM (V)

Metal parts: 1.4301 (F)

Recommended applications

• Process industry

• Chemical industry

• Water and waste water technology

• Glycols

• Oils

• Industrial pumps/equipment

• Submersible pumps

• Engine pumps

• Circulating pumps

Item Description

1.1 Seal face

1.2 Bellows

1.3 Spring collar

1.4 Drive collar

1.5 Spring

1.6 Spring holder

2 Seat

3 Corner sleeve

Eagle burgmann EA560 is automatically adjusted for shaft misalignment and misalignment due to loose insertion of sealing surfaces as well as bellows capacity to stretch and tighten. The length of the bellows shaft contact area is the best compromise between ease of assembly (less friction) and adequate adhesion required for torque transfer. In addition, the seal meets very specific leakage requirements. Due to the special manufacturing requirements of various sliding parts, they can be met. The recommended applications of EA560 is about Water and waste water technology, Chemical industry, Process industry, Water and waste water, Glycols, Oils, Industrial pumps/equipment, Submersible pumps, Engine pumps and Circulating pumps.

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