Elastomer Bellows Mechanical Shaft Seals Supplier

Temperature -20℃ to +120℃
Pressure ≤2.5Mpa
Speed ≤15m/s
Material V1,Q1,Q2,U2,B,A,P,E,V,M1,M2,F,G,M


John Crane Type 502 replacement mechanical seals are essential parts to an engineering project, no matter whether it be constructing buildings or laying down tube and pipelines. The setting position of the seal is set by the cartridge design, but the seal unit need to not be screwed to the shaft till the gland plate is secured to the pump and any adjustments created to the shaft position. After this has been completed the set screws can be tightened and the spacers removed.

In addition to classic -rings as secondary seal, we provide the mechanical seal in additional solution variants. To seal the housings and shafts, sleeves or bellows are the established alternative that you will also uncover in our variety. Assemble a standardized and high-high quality gear for all purposes in your company or equip the sales representatives of your organization with the appropriate spare components.

502 replacement Elastomer Bellows Mechanical Shaft Seals
502 replacement Elastomer Bellows Mechanical Shaft Seals Dimensions

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