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1. Design considerations for mechanical seals

Mechanical seal design mainly considers the following three factors:

1. Sealing: allowable leakage per unit time;

2. Durability (service life): mainly reflected in wear resistance and use occasions. For mechanical seals used in petrochemicals, factors such as corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, high speed, high pressure, etc. must be considered;

3. Economical: For mechanical seals with small batch size, variety and high material requirements, the first consideration is the sealing and the service life. The reasonable price is also considered by the design department when formulating plans and designing.

Second, mechanical seal design basis

Based on the actual situation, it is based on the achievements and production levels of mechanical seal research and experiments in today's world. Gu Xiu's design basis is divided into the following three aspects:

1. Conditions of use: such as the temperature, density, viscosity, and saturated vapor pressure of the auxiliary medium; whether the medium has suspended solid particles and crystal precipitation; whether the medium is harmful, flammable, explosive, and the shaft speed, the pressure at the shaft seal Wait.

2. The current domestic and foreign standards and specifications for mechanical seals.

3. The level of machinery industry equipment and the range of possible supply of mechanical seal varieties, from the perspective of use, surveying and manufacturing, in addition to considering the variety of domestic material supply, special materials (such as high alloy materials, new synthetic rubber, etc.) should be considered for introduction from abroad Possibility.