Factory price wholesale Aesseal Component Mechanical Seal

Temperature -20℃ to 100℃
Pressure Up to 5 bar
Speed Up to 10 m/s
Sizes 6mm to 70mm


Typically speaking, the principal function of the BP04/BP05 seal ring is to stop the oil, water and decay and hence to seal the gas. Balanced mechanical seal arrangements refer to a program exactly where the forces acting at the seal faces are balanced. As a result of the reduced face loading, there is more even lubrication of the seal faces and longer seal life. Discover about our mechanical seal lubrication systems nowadays. Rotary seals are straightforward in design and style which makes them affordable. They are sufficient for lower paces only. Stationary seals are more complicated to produce, nevertheless, appropriate for all speeds. Due to the fact of style complexity, stationary seals are much more typically moulded as cartridge seals instead of element seals.

Our challenge is to design seals that can withstand a variety of media, different aggregate states, and different pressures and temperatures, and to provide special solutions for small-scale installations with a contact area of several meters. Each application has its own special requirements, our job is to provide the best sealing solution. Its materials as Seal face: Carbon graphite resin impregnated (B); Seat G9: Silicon carbide (Q1, Q2); Special cast CrMo steel (S), Aluminium oxide (V). The advantages of BP04/BP05 aesseal component mechanical seal such as Economical seal solution, No damage of the shaft by set screws, Short installation length possible (G16). Meanwhile, it also is featured as: for plain shafts, Single seal, Unbalanced, Conical spring rotating and Dependent on direction of rotation.

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