Flowserve 43D mechanical seal service

Temperature -20℃ to +150℃
Speed ≤15m/s
Pressure ≤1Mpa
Material Q2.U2,B,V1,P,E,V,F,G


Roten Uniten 3 Burgmann BT-FN.NU mechanical seal oilfield tools and valves is maybe 1 of the most hard jobs for any seal. The metal-totally free mechanical seal is characterized by its high service friendliness. Disassembly is swift and simple from a single side. Altering from CS to CST is also uncomplicated and quick. In contrast to standard mechanical seals, it consists of revolutionary materials that make sure a lengthy service life. The seal is fully metal-cost-free so that elements can't corrode. Each the housing and the sealing cover are created of tough plastic, which can deal with high temperatures of up to without any troubles. It also offers the benefit of integrated service flushing so that occasional flushing can be performed easily and price-properly.

Type:O-Ring Mechanical Seal

Replacement:Burgmann BT-FN/BT-FN.NU,Roten3/UNITEN 3,AES T04/T04D,Vulcan13/13 DIN,Flowserve43/43D,Latty T901/901D

Temperature:-20℃ to +150℃




BT-FN.NU has an installation length l1N and dimensions in 

accordance with EN 12756 (normal length, unbalanced).

BT-FN.KU has an installation length l1K and dimensions in 

accordance with EN 12756 (short length, unbalanced).

1 Seal face

2 Stationary seat

3, 3a, 3b O-Ring

4 Spring

5 Collar

A Spacer (upon request)

Burgmann BT-FN.NU mechanical seal

Bt-fn combines spring loaded ceramic seal face with traditional push rod mechanical seal. Competitive price and wide application make bt-fn seal successful. The seal is made of stamping metal parts, and the design is economical. It feature as Single pusher-type seal, Unbalanced, Conical spring and Dependent on direction of rotation, etc. We recommend to use these products on Process industry, Oil and gas industry, Refining technology, Chemical industry, Power plant technology, Pulp and paper industry, Water and waste water technology, Mining industry, Sugar industry and Cement industry, etc. EagleBurgmann is your best choice.

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