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(1) Flushing function

  Flushing is the most basic function of the mechanical seal system, and it is also the most common method of the mechanical seal system. It is directed to the high-pressure side of the single-end seal or double-end seal to directly inject liquid. Generally, mechanical seals should be flushed, especially for light hydrocarbon pumps. When flushing, to achieve the purpose of isolating the medium, cooling and improving lubrication. The purpose of isolating the medium can be achieved by passing a liquid compatible with the medium into the sealed cavity for external circulation and flushing.

(2) The function of adjusting and controlling the working temperature of the seal

  The mechanical seal system has the function of regulating and controlling the temperature of the working environment of the mechanical seal itself. Temperature adjustment and control include cooling and heat preservation. The medium with high saturated vapor pressure absorbs the stirring heat of the mechanical seal and the frictional heat of the end face in the sealed cavity, which causes the temperature to rise; if the cooling is not carried out in time, it is likely to cause the medium to vaporize on the end face and deteriorate the lubrication of the end face, leading to sealing Invalidate. For the medium that is easy to crystallize and solidify, heat preservation measures must be taken to prevent the medium from crystallizing and solidifying.

(3) The function of adjusting and controlling the working pressure of the seal

  The mechanical seal system also has the function of adjusting and controlling the working pressure of the seal. For ordinary double-end mechanical seals, it is necessary to maintain the pressure of the isolation fluid in the sealed cavity slightly lower than the pressure of the sealed medium, while in series mechanical seals with stepwise depressurization, it is necessary to maintain the pressure difference of the sealing fluid between stages.

(4) Fluid replacement function

  It is very difficult to directly seal the gas phase medium and the temperature, toxic, precious, easy to vaporize, easy to crystallize, and liquid phase medium containing solid particles. The mechanical seal system can be used to replace the sealed medium with a double-end mechanical seal, which will directly seal the medium. The difficult medium is converted into a clean liquid sealing medium with good sealing and lubricating performance.

In addition to the above functions, the sealing system also has the functions of flushing, diluting, and transferring trace media that are normally leaking and harmful to health or the environment.