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 The so-called mechanical seal is actually a kind of oil sealing equipment for rotating machinery. It is based on the cooperation of fluid pressure and the effect of compensating tissue elasticity (or magnetic force) and auxiliary sealing on one or more end faces that are straight to the axis of rotation. Keep the paste and relatively slide to avoid fluid leakage. Therefore, the equipment quality requirements are very high, and there are a series of precautions during the equipment process.

 1. The radial runout of the shaft of the equipment should be ≤0.04 mm, and the axial runout is not allowed to be greater than 0.1 mm;

  2, the sealing part of the equipment should be kept clean when the equipment is in the equipment, the sealing parts should be cleaned, and the sealing end face should be intact to prevent impurities and dust from being brought into the sealing part;

  3. It is forbidden to hit or hit during the equipment process to avoid damage to the mechanical seal and seal failure;

  4. When the equipment is in contact with the seal, a layer of clean mechanical oil should be applied to the surface, so that the equipment can be smooth;

5. When the equipment static ring gland is tightened, it is necessary to tighten the screws evenly to ensure the straightness of the static ring end face and the axis line;

6. Push the moving ring by hand after the equipment, which can make the moving ring move sensitively on the shaft and have certain flexibility;

7. Turn the shaft by hand after the device, and the shaft should not feel light or heavy;

   8. The equipment must be filled with medium before working to avoid dry conflict and seal failure.

Only when the mechanical seal equipment is good can the stable function of the relevant machinery in the subsequent use process be guaranteed.