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   In recent years, with the rapid development of modern engineering, mechanical seals for various purposes, such as high-temperature seal, low-temperature seal, ultra-low temperature seal, high-pressure seal, high vacuum seal, high-speed seal, as well as various flammable, explosive, toxic, strongly corrosive media, containing suspended particles such as mud and sand, have emerged one after another, It puts forward higher requirements for mechanical seal.

    In order to ensure the mechanical seal has good sealing performance and long service life, besides reasonable sealing structure and manufacturing technology, the main material with good sealing performance should be more important. Therefore, for mechanical sealing device, if the structure is the leader and the process is guaranteed, the material is the foundation, that is, the sealing material is the key to ensure the sealing performance and service life.The progress of mechanical seal level is closely related to the development of sealing materials. The requirement of modern engineering for sealing is, to a large extent, the requirement for sealing materials.