Metal Bellow Seals Discount Price

Features Single seal
Standards and approvals EN 12756
Supply Ability 8000Pcs/Month
Payment Terms TT , LC , Others


The MFL85N, 680, Chestertion 886, Latty B17 sealing concept with rolled metal bellows seal can achieve a good service life of more than 2 years even though the application requirements are very high. This means an increase of a factor of 50 and a significant reduction in maintenance. Therefore, the maintenance cost of relevant pumps can be reduced by about 90%. Mf95n with rolled metal bellows could be selected because this type of seal is very robust and is also combined with a high viscosity. In addition, the metal bellows take over the function of dynamic loading O-ring, so the seal is less sensitive to sediment. We recommended to industries below:

Water and waste water technology

Pulp and paper industry

Chemical industry

Cooling fluids

Media with low solids content

Pressure oils for bio diesel fuels

Circulating pumps

Submersible pumps

Multi-stage pumps (non-drive side)

Water and waste water pumps

Oil applications

Metal Bellow Seals MFL85N, 680, Chestertion 886, Latty B17


•For unstepped shafts

•Rotating bellows

•Single seal


•Independent of direction of rotation

•Metal bellows


•For extreme temperature ranges

•No dynamically loaded O-Ring

•Self cleaning effect

•Short installation length possible

•Pumping screw for highly viscous media available (dependant on direction of rotation).

Operating range:

Shaft diameter: d1 = 16 … 100 mm (0.64" … 4") Externally pressurized: p1 = … 25 bar (363 PSI) Internally pressurized:

p1 <120 °C (248 °F) 10 bar (145 PSI )

p1 <220 °C (428 °F) 5 bar (72 PSI)

Temperature: t = –40 °C … +220 °C

(–40 °F … +428 °F), stationary seat lock necessary. Sliding velocity: vg = 20 m/s (66 ft/s)

Seal face: Carbon graphite antimony impregnated (A), Silicon carbide (Q12)

Seat: Silicon carbide (Q1)

Bellows: Inconel® 718 hardened (M6), Hastelloy® C-276 (M5)

Metal parts: CrNiMo steel (G), Duplex (G1), Hastelloy® C-4 (M)

Recommended Application:

•Process industry

•Oil and gas industry

•Refining technology

•Petrochemical industry

•Chemical industry

•Hot media

•Cold media

•Highly viscous media


•Special rotating equipment

Product Variants


Shaft diameter: d1 = 20 … 100 mm (0.79" … 4") Internally pressurized: p1 = … 16 bar (232 PSI), stationary seat lock necessary.

Externally pressurized: p1 = 10 bar (145 PSI)

Temperature: t = –40 °C … +220 °C (–40 °F … +428 °F)

Sliding velocity: vg = 20 m/s (66 ft/s)


Version with pumping ring. Dependent on direction of rotation. Can be retrofitted.


Dimensions, items and description as for MFL85N, but with pumping screw (item no. 1.4).

Dependent on direction of rotation! The pumping screw can be retrofitted.

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