PTFE Metal bellows for chemical oil pump supplier

Pressure 16bar
Speed 15m/s
Temperature -35-180℃


Mechanical seals prevent the pumped fluid from leaking into the environment. Double Seal (Barrier) => consists of two primary seals in a variety of arrangements. There is a barrier fluid in between the two major seals which is at a higher stress than the method. There is usually some leakage of the barrier fluid in procedure & out to atmosphere. As lengthy as barrier stress is maintained there is no leakage of approach to atmosphere or contamination of process by environment.

Fluid temperature - Some pumps can deal with higher temperature liquids whilst the other manage low temperature ones. The mating surface and components of the seal should be great adequate to sustain the fluid temperature. Figs. three and four. Practically 90% of the dismantled failed mechanical seals experienced either coke formation or sludge in the outboard seal side and bellows.

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