Silicon carbide water pump mechanical seal price

Temperature -20 to +150℃
Speed ≤10m/s
Pressure ≤1.4Mpa
Material B,A1,Q1,Q2,U2,P,E,N,V,F,G,Alfa

Type:Elastomer Bellow Mechanical Seal,Suit fo Grundfos, Hilge Pumps

Replacement:Burgmann BT-ARP

Temperature:-20 to +150℃




BT-ARP mechanical seals are the ideal solution for media 

which contain solids or are highly viscous. The spring is 

product-protected, thus preventing sticking or clogging. 

Reliable for rugged operation in all kind of applications 

such as waste water treatment. The dimensions can be 

adapted and additional seats are available. The bellows 

provides protection across the entire seal length.


• Rubber bellows mechanical seal

• Independent of direction of rotation

• Single spring, product-protected

• Unbalanced

Operating range 

Shaft diameter: d1** = 20 … 50 mm (0.79" … 1.97")

Pressure: p1* = 6 bar (87 PSI)

Temperature: t* = -20 °C … +90 °C (-4 °F … +194 °F)

Sliding velocity: vg = 10m/s (33 ft/s)

* Dependent on medium, size and material

** Other diameters upon request

Item Description

1 Seal face

2 Stationary seat

3 Bellows

3a Gasket

4 Spring

5 Drive ring

5a Locking ring

5b L-ring

5c Collar


Seal face*: Silicon carbide (Q1, Q6), Tungsten carbide (U)

Seat: Silicon carbide (Q1, Q6, Q7), Tungsten carbide (U)

Elastomers: NBR (P), FKM (V), HNBR (X4)

Metal parts: CrNisteel 1.4301 (F), CrNiMo steel 1.4401 (G)

* Seal face available in solid or shrink fit/brazed version

Recommended applications

• Water and waste water technology

• Slurry applications

• Submersible pumps

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